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Inserting Assembler Code In Boostbasic..

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I noticed from the example code that the protocol for inserting assembler code into a BoostBasic routine is simply...




..inserted code...



I have some code clips that are from a programme that assembles correctly and runs for PICs using MPASM 7.3 (I've tested it). I find, however, that when I try to insert them into the BoostBasic routines whatever modules in BoostBasic that interpret inserted assembler aren't at all happy with MPASM assembler formatting.


To cut to the chase, I've found some nice code that Lars Petersen wrote that can be seen at...




It compiles under the MPASM assembler, but BoostBasic chokes on it.


Is there anything written anywhere about how to convert MPASM assembler code into something acceptable for BoostBasic?

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Take a look at the BoostC help file. It has a chapter that describes how to use assembly inside C code and since BoostBasic is based on BoostC code the usage model of assembly inside basic code will be the same.




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