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Here at the technical college, we have been using CCS which has a very simple function to set up RS232 either in hardware or in a software emulation. I have been gradually switching my students over to Sourceboost and all has been going well except when we attempted to get serial communication going.


The sample serial code did not work correctly in UART simulation by producing the wrong baud rate. We tested it in the Proteus simulation application and eventually got both receiving and transmitting working but could not get the receive to work in actual hardware (on a 16F873) even though it worked under Proteus. Also, setting up the defines seems to be too tricky for beginning students who just need a basic serial link.


So that's my enhancement request: a simple way to set up software serial I/O on a PIC -such as a 16F84A (which students can use in the Lite version of Proteus.)



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