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Does Build Provide A List Of Errors?

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Hi All:


I have been using the PicAxe product and would like to switch to SourceBoost as it seems more full featured and looks like it will give me full control of all of the ports on the Microchip controllers.


I loaded a program which runs on one of my PicAxe chips into SourceBoost and selected "Build All" I had hoped that I would get a list of errors which I could use to convert the code/ instructions. Unfortunately I can't do CTRL+C to grab the error message, but it says


thermometer.bas(7): error: failure

Exit code was 1.

Removing target: _.obj

Failed to locate output file '_.obj'





I believe this is telling me that no files were created because of the errors. Is my only choice going to be reading through the code line by line to change the instructions/ syntax, etc?


Thanks in advance



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