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Frequency Meassuring

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I want to meassuring the high pulse of an frequency. The high puls could be between 0,5 and 2ms and I need the excacly worth of the high pulse time. Has anybody an Idea how to meassure frequency and/or the hight pulse time?






if you,ve measured the time, you can derived the frequency from it. In my module that measure heart rate, i used timer0 of PIC16f877a. what is your target microcontroller anyway?

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I use the PIC12F675 or PIC 12F629 for this. Do you have an sample code with the timer?





well i can't give you my exact code in my heart module but here is a simple algorithm that i develop.


void interrupt(){
if(tmr0 interrupt occured)
	if(counter==49){   //already 0.05 second
		counter = 0;
	clear interrupts of timer0;

void main()
	put the initializing stuff
	here for ADC and timer0

	ADC() //do the ADC here

	/*	do the parameter comparison here	*/
	if(if the signal digitized is null)
		goto ADC again;

	if(first pulse is detected){
		start timer0;
		goto ADC again;

	if(second pulse is detected){
		end timer0;



my clock is 4Mhz, WDT is off. im using internal clock for timer0 clk with prescalar of 1:4. it was said in my datasheet that an execution of an instruction is 4/Fosc. therefore 4/4Mhz is 1us. it means that an increment in timer0 is 1us. since timer0 is an 8 bit register, when an interrupt has occured there were 256us*4. i multiply 4 because of the prescalar. to make it short here is the equation:


Y = A*X*Z


Y - desired time

A - 4/Fosc*2^n (n is number of bits of the timer)

X - prescalar reciprocal

Z - integer of a corresponding time


looking from the algo, i got the integer 49 from this equation that corresponds to 0.05 seconds rounded up. the calculation of real time and frequency is up to you. take note that if your timer requires postscalar, just set it to 1:1 in order to use this kind of approach. i hope this helps you.

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