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Hooking Up An Eeprom To A 16f877a

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I have the chip's SDA and SCL lines connected to my 16F877A pins, A0-2

and WP are grounded, and I have the pull-ups in place. When I use

hardware mode, my entire program fails to run, and when I use the software

mode it runs, it fails to write (or fails to read) the data back from the

eeprom (just returning all bytes as 0xFF). I am using a hardware code of

1010b as defined in the eeprom's notes. Do I need to configure the PortC

ports myself, or is it just suffiicient to call i2c_init.

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I have taken the i2c example code and included it in with some code for RS232 (from and MAX7219. It uses the i2c_init and readXEE and writeXEE from the i2c example shipped with SB combined with the code from serial_test.c and some code I grabbed from the web for the 7219.




What code are you using for i2c comms?





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