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I'll admit this is small and petty, but it catches me out every time...


I often use the Browse function feature under the Workspace tab to quickly jump to a function in the source code (very cool feature btw). However it does two things which seem a little counter-intuitive:


1) Double clicking on a function name in the tree opens the file and most of the time (but not always) scrolls the first line of the function to the BOTTOM of the screen. Is it possible for this to scroll to the top so I can see the whole function rather than just its definition?


2) I use a intelli-mouse thing with a scroll wheel. So when the bug mentioned above happens i use the wheel to scroll the function into view. However, double clicking on the function name in the Browse tree doesn't set the input focus (keyboard and mouse caret) to the source code pane. So I just end up scrolling through the Browse tree.


I know they are small things but like I said, it catches me out every time i do it. You'd think i'd have learnt by now...




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