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Firstly i love this boostbasic,I cant wait for the full release.

Ok my problem is that i want to use the Chr Function,

I am reading a byte from the serial port as follows


Dim Dat as byte

Dim Buffer as String


if pir1.RCIF = 1 then ' if a character is received then

Dat = rcreg

Buffer = Buffer + Chr(Dat) 'append rs232 character to Buffer



I cant see any reference to any functions like this, is there a way i can transform Dat which is a Byte to a String Character.




sub main()

Dim ErrorPos as Integer

Dim DeadBand as Integer

Dim Sum as Integer

' this works

Sum = ErrorPos + DeadBand

If Sum < 0 then

Goto notnearpos

End if

goto indeadband

' this doesnt

If ( ErrorPos + DeadBand ) < 0 then

goto notnearpos

End if





end sub



also this doesnt fail gracefully


Dim Buffer(10) as byte

sub main()


call BufAdd()


end sub


sub BufAdd()

Buffer = ""

Buffer(0) = 0

End sub


I know theres a deliberate mistake but boost basic gives an access violation.


Keep up the good work


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Here is a solution:


function Chr( c as char ) as string( 2 )

asm movf _c, W
asm movwf _Chr
asm movlw 0
asm movwf _Chr+1

end function

Sub main() 
Dim c As char

dim buffer(20) as string
dim dat(2) as string

buffer = "hello"
c = 65

buffer = buffer + call Chr( c ) 'append rs232 character to Buffer

Do while 1


end sub




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