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Auto Directory Creation On New Project

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SourceBoost should create and populate in a new project directory when using any

of the Project menu items to create a new project... or am i crazy?


Personally i am finding it weird that i have to navigate to the parent directory for

all my projects and create a new folder every time i want to start a new project.

Anyone else find this odd?

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Sincerely I prefer to choose the folder name where the new project files have to be placed. That's because project name and folder name is not always the same, and also sometimes it's usefull to store different projects in the same folder.





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Yes, you can already do that, but if you put a directory name that does not exist SourceBoost

will not create the directory and fails silently kicking you back into your currently(last) active



i agree that directory names and project names are usually not the same

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