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Is there a way to see if the processor rebooted because of hardware reset or by the watchdog?


can i combine time for watchdog en serial interrupt driven tx?

xtal =20mhz, serial rate = 38400





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You can tell that the processor has been watchdog reset by checking bit 4 (TO bit) in the STATUS register. If the processor has been watchdog reset this bit is 0.


I guess you are talking about using timer TMR0, for you interrupt driven serial comms. One bit being transmitted every interrupt.


The limitation with TMR0 and watchdog, is that they have only one prescaler between them. It can be switched to be used either by TMR0 or watchdog, but not both at the same time.

The watchdog will still work if TMR0 is using the prescaler, but has a much shorter timeout period.


Hope this helps




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