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Basic Command List For Boostbasic

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How would I find the commands or a list and how to call them in BoostBASIC?


I want to do a project in Boost, I really like it..

BoostC libraries are pretty thin on the ground ;)


Do I need to reference a C lib?  Can I call them?

You can call all the 'C' functions but there are two things you will need to do:

1) Declare a basic style function prototype for each function - this is so basic knows that such a function exists, eg:

void SysiSignalSemaphore( BYTE hSemaphore ); // C function prototype

Extern sub SysiSignalSemaphore( hSemaphore as BYTE ) ' basic function prototype


2) Add any required lib (other that libc which is automatically linked in) to the project.


Note: Currently there is a bug with the BoostBasic toolsuite that means the project will fail to build if you do this so you need to add any library as a linker option: menu Settings -> Options -> Compile Options -> Extra Linker Options




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