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SX target, Pullups and Direction

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I am having trouble with an SX28 target trying to get the internal pullups to enable/disable in conjunction with code to set the port direction.  Can someone provide me with some sample code to do this for portA, portB and portC? I think this would be useful code for all (I know I will find it invaluable!)





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Hi there.


I don't have time for the long version right now, but I suspect

that your difficulty is caused by not using the Mode register



Here is how I set the tristate mode (direction) for port B


  asm mov m, 0xff

  asm mov !RB, _TrisImage


Moving the 0xff into "m", mode register, directs the mov !Rx

instruction to the tristate control register.


You set the mode register to different values depending upon

which control register you want the mov !Rx instruction to



Check the SX datasheet for details.  The default value of the

mode register is 0xff, which corresponds to the tristate control

register.  I think that 0xfe is the pull-up register, but I am not



I hope this helps a little...



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