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Bug In 'replace In Files'

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There is a bug in this IDE function.


On several places the replacement is done incorrectly.




I wanted to replace "sampleArr[" in "asampleArr" throughout every occurence


This went well in many places but some got mixed up



//unsigned char sampleArr[MAXPULSES]={68,57,132, etc


after replacement

//unsigned chasampleArrArr[MAXPULSES]={68,57,132,

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if you put this in a file and try to replace 'sampleArr' in 'asampleArr' using that function you will get your mess!


I know: rubbish in, rubbish out but anyway... :D



IDE version 6.60

edit, replace in files,

containing text sampleArr

replace with asampleArr

no boxes checked exept 'search in subdirs'


unsigned char sampleArr[MAXPULSES]={196,57,32,59,34,25,34,25,34,57,66,25,34,27,32,27,34,25,34,27,66,57,34,27,3

// RC5
//unsigned char sampleArr[MAXPULSES]={66,57,68,57,68,57,132,57,66,57,68,55,68,57,66,57,68,121,132,57,68,121,68,2
//RC5	00001	00016	00054

//unsigned char sampleArr[MAXPULSES]={66,57,132,123,132,57,66,57,68,55,68,59,64,59,68,121,130,57,68,121,68,255,2
//RC5	00000	00016	00006

unsigned char sampleArr[MAXPULSES]={68,57,66,59,68,55,132,57,68,57,66,57,68,55,68,57,66,123,132,57,66,123,68,2
//RC5	00001	00016	00022

unsigned char sampleArr[MAXPULSES]={68,57,132,121,134,55,68,57,66,59,68,55,68,57,66,123,132,57,66,123,68,255,2
//RC5	00000	00017	00054

unsigned char sampleArr[MAXPULSES]={196,57,32,59,36,23,34,25, 34,57,66,25,34,25,36,23,36,25,34,25,68,57,34,25,36,23,36,23,36,25,34,25,68,57,36
//RC6	00001	00004	00009

unsigned char sampleArr[MAXPULSES]={194,57,34,57,36,23,36,23,100,89,34,25,34,25,34,27,32,27,66,59,34,25,34,25,
//RC6	00000	00004	00009

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