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Bit Access On A Struct Member

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SourceBoost IDE 6.60


Target: any 16F


I get the following compile error when I try to access individual bits of a struct member:



D:\Prj\ec\program\test2\test_struct_bit.c(13:6): error: unexpected '.' operator after 'b'

D:\Prj\ec\program\test2\test_struct_bit.c(13:2): error: failed to generate expression

D:\Prj\ec\program\test2\test_struct_bit.c(13:2): error: invalid operand 'st.b.4'

D:\Prj\ec\program\test2\test_struct_bit.c(13:9): error: failed to generate expression

Failed to locate output file 'test_struct_bit.obj'





The program that will reproduce the error is:


#include <system.h>


struct str


unsigned char a, b;



struct str st;


void main()


st.a = 2;

st.b.4 = 1;





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