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to all members,


pls help me. i need a program for my poject.


it is a binary counter with 2 lasers as a transmitter and 2 LDRs as a reciever.

it will count the people coming in and out of a room

the counting is from 0-9, when the display displays 1 a light bulb will lit and will continue to lit until the counter reaches 0 to be turned off

when the counting reaches 0 or 9 it will stop from counting or hold its position


i'm really really thankful if ever someone has given me a program





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How much are willing to pay? When is your project due?


If this is for a class then you should do your own work. If you have specific questions about using SourceBoost and controlling PIC processors we are very willing to answer. If you are asking us to do your work then you will not get any useful responses.

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