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Switch On Constant

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I came across the following behavior. The problem is very reproducible. I think the compiler accidentally assumes every immediate value is 0.

33:               	 switch (3) {
34:               		 case 0:
35:               			 trisa = 0x01;
 0003    3001     MOVLW 0x1
 0004    1683     BSF 0x3, 0x5
 0005    1303     BCF 0x3, 0x6
 0006    0085     MOVWF 0x5
36:               			 break;
37:               		 case 1:
38:               			 trisa = 0x23;
39:               			 break;
40:               	 }

I'm seeing this with BoostC 6.70 on Windows XP. The target is a P16f877A.

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