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SourceboostC does work with Vista 32 bit (dont go for 64 bit becasue no drivers are available). However i can see one problem, when the IDE is exited, the C source file is not update or saved. After repeating this exercise on numerous occations, and selecting save all, the IDE still does not save. To overcome this i just copy and paste the C source code into my project folder.


As for Hyperterminal, you can download the free student adition from the Hilgrave site (only if you none professional though).




Hope this helps.


Cheers Elvis75.

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Can you advise when the Vista BoostC 32bit compiler is expected?


Pls give us a Linux-version first... ;)



*I get tired from rebooting the computer when I need to modify the software in the

Pic's. These days I can do everything with Linux (drawing electronic schematics,

create boardlayouts, drawing mechanics, (all the CAD-stuf), programming the

userinterface for the pc, write the documentation, etc. The only exception are the

Pics, this is very annoying... :(

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Maybe your computer has a permission issue or something like that. I have been using BoostC on my Vista 32-bit laptop since late December/early January with no special setup.


Trying to get it to work in WINE or VirtualBox on a Fedora 8 machine, however, froze my computer a lot. That's why I still do all my chip programming on the Windows laptop.


- Bill

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