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.cof File Inconsistency...

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Hi there,


I have recently purchaced the full license for the BoostC compiler.

After using Proteus VSM (latest build v7.1SP2) to simulate circuits with a PICF877A device, I am experiencing the following problem.


When I compile the lcd project (from the /Samples/C/BoostC directory) and loading the .COF generated file on a virtual PIC16F877A device on Proteus, during debugging I am getting two files listed as source: lcd_driver.h and lcd.c, however while debug stepping through the code, Proteus indicates the wrong file. It looks like the file lcd_driver.h and lcd.c are swapped and Proteus is stepping through the wrong file. I am not sure if I described the problem correctly. Please let me know if additional clarification is required.


Please note that the operation of the code is correct. Also, debugging through the IDE, as well as MPLab seems to be fine.


Is it possible that the .COF file is not correct? The same version of Proteus loads .COF files generated using PICC Lite and WinAVR without any issues.


I have used both the 6.60 and the 6.70 release candidate versions and verified the same problem.

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