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What i am actually trying to do is add two 16 bit variables:




There is a high chance of this over flowing, and i want to detect whether there will be an overflow or not when i add them together. if i just do that sum and their is an overflow the carry bit in the status register doesnt seem to get set so i am not sure how to do detect it.



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Here is one approach that popped into my head.

I have tested a few values with it, but can't guarentee

that it will work in all cases...


The only time that the sum will be less than either (both?)

of the source operands will be if there is an overflow.


So, here is one way you might code it:


short temp_sum;


temp_sum = shortA + shortB;


if ( (temp_sum < shortA) || (temp_sum < shortB) )





See what happens... ;-)



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