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I'm using local static variables inside functions and the IDE doesn't show them and autocomplete doesn't recognize them.

Please post a code fragment so we can see what you are doing exactly.




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void count (void)

  static int first;
  static int second; 


if you add this code sample to a file the IDE will not show the variables in the browser, unless you cut-and-paste them outside the routine.

I see no problem.

These variables have local declaration scope, so they will only be viewable when execution is in the scope in which they are declared. Otherwise they would potentially clash with other variables, like if you had global variables with the same name.


I hope that makes sense.




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I know that the variables have a local declaration scope.

But you also admit the browser doesn't tell me which variables I'm using within that function or file.


Perhaps a good enhancement is to have the browser distinguish between local and global variables and show them. That would enable the programmers to keep a better track of all the variables they are using.

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The "Browse" tab and a normal style implementation for global vs local variables

works just fine for me. Sounds like you may have been using Eclipse or MSVS

a lot in the past.


i never did decide if those pop up variable/function bubbles while you type are

useful or annoying. If your used to using them i guess you might miss them ...

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The browser's function is to help us organize the variables we're using. In a multi-file program and function it would be helpful to have as much information as possible.


i suppose that is a personal preference.

Myself, i use a stylistic indicator, partially due to the fact that i have to use more

than one IDE/editor.


If one really wanted the features your asking for, i suppose you could just write a plugin

for it ... providing the main code window provides that much access to its content ...


* jots down a note to check ... might be useful for icd feedback if it is exposed ... *

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