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Registration Of Sb Failed.

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Today I installed SB 6.70 on openSuSE 10.2 with Wine 0.9.35. Installation went well.

I am able to start the IDE and to compile and link the sample/demo sourcecode.


The only problem I have is to register. When I start preg.exe with Wine, I'm able to

insert the name and the registrationkey. Then, after some time, I get the following



boostc.pic16.exe: failed to register (code:259)

boostc.pic18.exe: failed to register (code:259)


What am I doing wrong here? I hope somebody can help me because SB is the only

windowsprogram I am still using. It's crazy to reboot every time for this program!



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i use linux & BSD myself, and have gotten the compiler intsalled and registered

like you have, but not usable.

It seems to have some DOS behaviour traits that HI-Tech and

MCC18 have as well (these refuse to cooperate as well under linux).


The last time i tried was a few months ago in both Crossover and wine.

(Cedega is not worth using, wine superceeded it with native driver support

long ago)


Not overly useful in helping you with your problem, but i can confirm the

message that your seeing. Unregistered, i got what looks like hard coded

path errors.

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