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Ide Issue With "spaces" In Directories Or Filenames

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I have found the IDE does not like spaces in

filenames or directories, under certain conditions.


One condition being when .h files are included from

(directories with spaces in their names) from outside the

project directory.


some issues I've noted are:


1. IDE cannot highlight errors in these external .h files.


2. Build button ignores changes in the said .h files, when

changes have been made since last build.


(This is assuming you have NOT compiled since, and

the "compile box" is checked under build options)


These error are 100% reproducible.


I seems to make no difference whether the files are

included in the project or not.


The "Compiler itself" seems to have NO problem with these "spaces".


I would seem to me that the IDE is truncating paths & names with spaces in.

I say this because the IDE outputs messages about files not being found, with

truncation to the first space encountered.



BoostC++ Version 6.70


Regards... Tim

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