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Usb Pic To Bluetooth Dongle For Data Logger

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Hi all,


:( Quite nervous to post this – but here goes…


Yesterday I purchased a USB Bluetooth Dongle in order to backup my source code from my Laptop to an old PC at home. These Bluetooth dongles are now cheaper than dirt. The manufacturer website is http://global.msi.com.tw and product is Star Key. Bluetooth for this purpose is working very well. (I previously also configured my Laptop, Cell phone and PDA to connect to each other via BT.)


As I have recently progressed on the PIC and C learning path and moved from flashing lights and reading switches to getting RS232 to work, I was looking for the next natural progression down the path – wireless! I have ordered some low power data transceivers manufactured by radiometrics to experiment with initially, however this Bluetooth dongle changed matters.


A quick Google and I found the following Bluetooth to RS232 items on the net:


Bluetooth Modem - BlueDongle USB (not really a modem) at http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_i...roducts_id=8180


A Bluetooth to I2C adapter! at http://i2cchip.com/pdfs/I2C2PC_Bluetooth.pdf


And hundreds of RS232 to Bluetooth dongles and RS232 cable replacement devices, but they are so expensive.


There are some hot shot developers out there using BoostC. Does anybody know of a library or framework that exists to use a USB PIC such as the 18F4550 and a Bluetooth dongle to transmit data via the Serial Port Profile to a PC host system?


Or does anybody know of a shared (public domain/hobby) PIC Microcontroller project of this nature?


Any help or directions will be appreciated.


PS: I have done some reading on the WiFi and Zigbee chips from Michrochip. However, I am not keen on changing to the C Compiler that supports the protocol stack at this time.



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