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Boostc Signed Long Fails To Initialize Correclty

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Bug description:

When using a GLOBAL signed long variable, it fails to initialize to 0. The 3rd byte does not clear and all attempts to clear it fails.

When using a local signed long the problem does NOT seem to occur.


Tried the following:

signed long ul1;

ul1 =0; // fails

ul1 = ul1&0x00000000;


Using the float.h and float.pic16.lib


Steps to reproduce:


signed long ul1;


void function(void)





Expected behaviour:

The 3rd byte of the variable fails to clear


Is the problem 100% reproduceable:

Happens every time. Cannot make it go away.


IDE version: MPLAB 7.62

Compiler: BoostC 6.81

Target device: PIC16F913

OS: Windows XP SP2

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Can not reproduce. Code initializes variable correctly. Please send project that shows this problem to support@sourceboost.com


signed long ul1; 

void main()

while( 1 );





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