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Exit Code Was -1. [invalid Argument.] On Boostc

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from time to time when at the morning i power on my computer and i try to recompile a working project that the day after was compiled without problems, this error occour:



Exit code was -1. [invalid argument.]



at this time all the work is lost because no modify can resolve the problem;

Only way is use a backup copy of the source code file.


I tried to cancel all code from the original copy and paste to it all code from backup working copy but it do not work again.

I tried to update the version of boostC installed, but the result don't change.


Now i've Windows Xp (but it happened to me also with windows2000) with SourceBoosIde v.6.81 and BoostC Pro type


Last time that happen to me he problem war today in a project using a PIC18F65J10 but the resul is the same with other target chip


Now, i see that no target is select in the project and asm compiler is select instead of BoostC so this is the solution of the problem but i do not understand if it is or not a bug so I leave to you the decision to publish this tread or not.


Best Regards



P.S. i hope you understand all i write because of my bad english :rolleyes:

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Let me see if I understand ...


The problem you are having is that your toolchain and target are getting reset everyday when you

restart or power up your development system?


Are you using a Source Control System? If so, did you add your workspace file?

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