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Bug:static Variables Not Initialized.

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A static array only initializes (zeroes) the first 2 bytes of the array.


Put the array inside a structure though and all bytes are initializes.


static unsigned char myArray[4];

static struct {

unsigned char myArray[4];

} myStruct;


produces assemly instructions:


static unsigned char myArray[4];

0004 1283 BCF STATUS, RP0

0005 1303 BCF STATUS, RP1

0006 01A0 CLRF gbl_11_myArray

0007 01A1 CLRF gbl_11_myArray+D'1'


static struct {

unsigned char myArray[4];

} myStruct;

0008 01A4 CLRF gbl_11_myStruct

0009 01A5 CLRF gbl_11_myStruct+D'1'

000A 01A6 CLRF gbl_11_myStruct+D'2'

000B 01A7 CLRF gbl_11_myStruct+D'3'


An array of int's does the same (only 2 bytes zeroed).


Using IDE & BoostC 6.81, PIC16F873A, Windows XP Pro SP2.





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