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C++ Headers, Cpp Files

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I have just started using the BoostC++ compiler, and I am having some problems with getting my project to work. The first question is can a project be broken up into each class being in its own header and CPP file? I cannot seem to get this to compile if I do this. I created a base class


Class Timer, and a Class Timer0 public class Timer, and another class Timer1 public class Timer


all in seperate header, and CPP files. I then created another CPP file with main() in it. I couldn't get the Timer1 class to be accepted, an error kept appearing about the class name. I have now put the class in the same header as the Timer0 class and the compiler is happy with this, however I am now getting a complaint about the class Timer the error is:



BoostLink Optimizing Linker Version 6.81


Copyright© 2004-2007 Pavel Baranov

Copyright© 2004-2007 David Hobday



Warning unreferenced functions removed:

Timer0 in: C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\Boost C++ Encoder project\Timer0.cpp





Internal Error: Trying to add bank switching for var that has no memory allocated:'this' ('Timer1_00000_arg_this',0x10000D59)

"C:\PROGRAM FILES\SOURCEBOOST\boostlink.pic.exe" /ld "C:\PROGRAM FILES\SOURCEBOOST\lib" libc.pic16.lib Timer0.obj Encoder.obj /t PIC16F877A /d "C:\Documents and Settings\s2100771\Desktop\Boost C++ Encoder project" /p Encoder

Exit code was -2.

Removing target: Encoder.hex

Failed to locate output file 'C:\Documents and Settings\s2100771\Desktop\Boost C++ Encoder project\Encoder.hex'





I have seen this on a previous post but have not seen a solution to the problem.


Pavel have you considered designing a tutorial for using the C++ compiler? It may make things easier for first time users.



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Hi Pavel

When is the fix going to be available? and what is the work around for this problem? Do I need to keep everything in one file?




We plan to release a patch as soon as our regression passes. It seems we broke something else fixing this problem :( Work on this now. Meanwhile please keep everything in one file.




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