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Missing Labels In .casm File

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Bug description:

Under certain conditions labels are missing in the .casm file.


Steps to reproduce:

#include <system.h>

unsigned char var;

void main()
var = 0;
adcon1.0 = var.0;



Expected behaviour:

The following is a section of the .casm file. Line 0007 is a jump to label1 which does not exists in the .casm file. In the corresponding .asm file label1 is placed on line 000A. So, the resulting code works but is not readable in the debugger.


void main()

var = 0;
0003  1283	  BCF STATUS, RP0
0004  1303	  BCF STATUS, RP1
0005  01A0	  CLRF gbl_var

adcon1.0 = var.0;
0006  1C20	  BTFSS gbl_var,0
0007  280A	  GOTO	label1
0008  1683	  BSF STATUS, RP0
0009  141F	  BSF gbl_adcon1,0
000A  1283	  BCF STATUS, RP0
000B  1820	  BTFSC gbl_var,0
000D  1683	  BSF STATUS, RP0
000E  101F	  BCF gbl_adcon1,0



Is the problem 100% reproduceable:



IDE version: 6.82

Compiler: BoostC,

Compiler version: boostc.pic16.exe / v6.82

Target device: PIC16F88




This is a minor bug because the resulting code and the behaviour of the debugger are correct. But the asm code is hard to read.




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