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I am trying to implement a pattern known as the singleton which only allows 1 version of a class to be initailised here is the code (Note this is a Visual C++ implementation that I want to convert to BoostC++):


//Singelton .h

class device{


device(void){deviceIndex=0; cout<< "creating Device "<<endl;};

~device(void){cout<<"device object is being destroyed: "<<endl;};



class Timer: public device



Timer(void){cout<< "creating timer "<<endl;}

~Timer(void){cout<<"Timer object is being destroyed: "<<endl;}



class Timer3: public Timer


static Timer3 *pT3Instance; //SHOULD THIS BE static class Timer3* pT3Instance ?

Timer3(void){cout<< "creating timer3 "<<endl; }



static Timer3* createTimer3(void);


~Timer3(void){}//{delete T3Overflow; cout<<"Timer3 object is being destroyed: "<<endl;}





//Singleton.cpp file

#include "singleton.h"


Timer3* Timer3::pT3Instance;


Timer3* Timer3::createTimer3(void)




pT3Instance= new Timer3();

cout<<"creating timer3 "<<pT3Instance<<endl;

}else{ cout<<"Timer3 already allocated exiting "<<pT3Instance<<endl;}

return pT3Instance;




#include "singleton.h"


Timer3* T3;

Timer3* T4;

int main(int argc, char* argv[])


T3=Timer3::createTimer3(); //THIS IS ONE AREA THAT I AM UNSURE HOW TO CODE WITH BoostC++


cout<< " Device Index= "<<T3->getDeviceIndex()<<endl;



return 0;



Sorry about the cout statements this is a Visual C++ version that I am trying to convert to BoostC++ which has been unhappy with the C++ syntax shown here. Does anyone know how to convert this to BoostC++ so it compiles.

Many thanks


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