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18f67j60 Debug Problem

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I'm not sure if this is a bug but I have a hard time to figure out how to debug the 18F67J60.

It might be a complete missunderstanding from my side of the 18F67J60 way of working :-),

anyway I need some help, please.


I'm back to a very simple setup program for port B that works ok for a target chip like 18F452.


When I recompile the program for the 67J60 chip it behaves different.


I connect a "plugin led" on port B pin 1 just to have a visual indication.


IDE 6.87 and BoostC on a WinXP PC.


Feedback needed :-)!








My very simple testprogram



#include <system.h>

#include <boostc.h>



Connect a "plugin led" to portb pin 1

then try to make it turn on and off.

Simple enough :-)))))))))))))




Test setup for 18F452 and 18F67J60

It works for the 452 but I can not make it work

in debug mode for the J60 chip.

And YES I recompile when changing targets :-)



char i;


void main()


trisb = 0b00000000; //Set port B all output


for(i=0;i<3;i++) //Just a simple loop to feed some data to the port


latb = 0xff; //latb will control portb even for the 18F458

latb = 0x00;

latb = 0xff;


portb = 0x00;

portb = 0xFF;

portb = 0x00;



//Lets try a new setup

asm //according to Microchip :-)


clrf _portb //; Initialize PORTB by

//; clearing output

//; data latches

clrf _latb //; Alternate method

//; to clear output

//; data latches

movlw 0xF0 //; Value used to

//; initialize data

//; direction

movwf _trisb //; Set RB<3:0> as inputs

//; RB<7:4> as inputs



for (;:(











end of simple test program

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