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Boostc 18fxxx Port A Problem...?

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I've been using boostC for few months now and I'm still in the learning process, as well as refreshing my C coding concepts...

I'm not sure this is a bug in the compiler, or my lack of experience, but I would need help solving my problem.

I need to generate an application using a 18F4550 port A as a digital output.

All my attempts to get anything out of lower bits (bits 3 through 0...) failed...


Adcon configuration used and test code are as follows:


/* Turn all ports to DIGITAL IO */

adcon0 = 0B00000000;

adcon1 = 0B00001111;

adcon2 = 0B00000000;


trisa = 0B00000000;

porta = 11111111b;



I'm expecting this should set port A to digital outputs, but last code line of code produces a 0x30 output instead of 0x3F in the mplab watch window...

Sounds like bits 3-0 are still programmed as analog inputs instead of digital outputs...


getting desperate...please help.



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wow...thanks for the hint....

sounds like there a missing hook in mplab...works fine in boostC environment.





Hmm! Maybe MPLAB doesn't work correctly then.


BoostC debugger says it works for porta bits 0-3 using your code.





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