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On the ECIO 28 / 40 pin board is the EUART (Rs232) connected in anyway to the USB. My meaning is, can I use both at the same time. E.g. read in on the Rs232, process data, and send data out on USB?


Look forward to your reply.



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Well, the USB and USART are separate devices and use different pins on the chip, so the answer is Yes you can use them both at the same time.


The down side is that you will probably have to erase your PIC and install your own USB driver. Something like the Ian Harris USB library, then use the Microsoft CDC driver thingy to communicate with a PC. You can write your own USB driver for the PC if you want maximum USB speed but that is a bit more complicated.


It may well be possible to have two USB drivers installed, but I don't know how the ECIO bootloader allows you to add/delete/change interrupt hooks if at all. The bootloader may just poll the USB to leave the interrupts free for the user. The ECIO manual may have some clues.


You can try posting questions about the ECIO boards on the Matrix Multimedia forum where you will get, I suspect, a more expert answer from experienced users.


Food for thought.



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