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Can any expert on PICs shed some light on this problem? I'm using a 16F877A as a central heating controller, with both Timer0 and Timer1 generating interrupts. The processor clock is 20MHz, and the desired combination of accuracy and divider ratio constraints leads to T0 interrupting 90 times a second and T1 20 times a second. The program will run fine for days, then 'randomly' fail. T1 is used to generate time of day, ie hours:minutes:seconds and the failure is apparent when the 'clock' stops. I have not investigated what limitations the PIC or BoostC places on interrupt stack depth, nor if there are any other interactions within the PIC between timer interrupts. I'm puzzled by the apparent randomness of the event; I'm also at a bit of a loss on how to debug the problem. The PIC is an SMD on a module along with an FTDI USB chip, but does have ICSP.


Any suggestions gratefully received.

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