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Sprintf32 Bug?

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Hi All


I think this shows a lib / compiler bug. If you run this code in the debuger (and on a real PIC18F) then the 32 bit function produces an error.


sprintf32 gives 999

sprintf gives 9999


So, sprintf32 misses out one digit. It only seems to do this for numbers over 99. I have not looked at negative numbers


Can this be confirmed as a bug? If so can it be fixed?






OS XPpro, BoostC++ 6.90 PIC18f8722



	char buf[64];
char* bufP = buf;

unsigned long tl = 9999;
sprintf32(bufP, "%d", tl);

unsigned int ti = 9999;
sprintf(bufP, "%d", ti);


I know I dot need bufP but this helps the debugger show the text string in the watch window.



I have now compiled the sprintf32 code in libc and this works just fine for me.

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fixed "funny" characters in the sample code
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