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Float Lib Bug

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It seems that code like:


float foo;

float bar[2];


foo = bar[1];


does not correctly copy values. You can work round this using


memcpy((void*)&foo, (void*)&bar[1], 4)





OS XPpro, BoostC++ 6.90 PIC18f8722

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Don't get too upset Neil, I talk to anyone ;)


	foo = bar[1];
005E  5005		  MOVF gbl_bar+D'4', W
0060  6E09		  MOVWF gbl_foo
0062  5006		  MOVF gbl_bar+D'5', W
0064  6E0A		  MOVWF gbl_foo+D'1'
0066  5007		  MOVF gbl_bar+D'6', W
0068  6E0B		  MOVWF gbl_foo+D'2'
006A  5008		  MOVF gbl_bar+D'7', W
006C  6E0C		  MOVWF gbl_foo+D'3'


The assembler code appear to copy the 4 bytes.





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