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hi, i dont know how to write accelerometer MXD2020E/F IN C++ programming , i need help... please. thanks ;)

What does "write accelerometer" mean? Do you want to write code which will record the output of the accelerometer? The datasheet ( http://www.memsic.com/data/products/MXD2020E/MXD2020E.pdf ) says that it has two PWM (pulse width modulation) outputs, so what you've gotta lean to do is monitor these outputs. Simplest thing to do is first write code to monitor just one of the outputs and then get it to convert to g's via A(g)= (T1/T2 - 0.5)/0.2, where T1 is the length of the pulse, and T2 is the period of the pulse. Try to work something out and if you have problems post the problematic code.

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