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Assigning Valuse To Constants

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Header file

#define nrf24l01_CE_IOREGISTER PORTB

#define nrf24l01_CE_PINMASK 0x01


C file

nrf24l01_CE_IOREGISTER &= ~nrf24l01_CE_PINMASK;


I’m receiving the following compiler error:

c(510): error: left operand must be l-value c(510:9): error: failed to generate expression


I understand that this is because im trying to assign a value to a constant. Is there anyway around this???

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In C you can not assign a value to a constant (don't confuse this with const variable thought). The expression you quoted will look like this after passing the pre-processor:


6 &= ~1


This is an assignment expression and in C left side of an assignment expression must be an l-value.




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...Also does the sourceBoost compiler have a spi.h header for the spi on the 16F pic's?...


There are no SPI libraries or headers supplied in SourceBoost. We recommend to aks on the BoostC programming forum. There are a lot of talented BoostC users there.




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