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Code Generation Error With Bit Shift And #defines

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I've noticed the compiler seems to generate an error with constant expressions involving #defines that evaluate to 0.


The following code compiles fine:

#define ADC_SHIFT 0
sample >>= ADC_SHIFT;


This code produces an error:

#define ADC_SHIFT 1
sample >>= (ADC_SHIFT - 1);


Errors produced:

T:\test_dft\dft.c(181:9): internal error: failed to generate assignment expression

T:\test_dft\dft.c(181:9): error: failed to generate expression


This code also produces the same error:

#define ADC_SHIFT 1 - 1
sample >>= ADC_SHIFT;


This is with BoostC 6.91 running with -O2 targetted for the PIC18F1320.

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