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Pic 18f2680 Programming Issues

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Good day all. I have a system that I built using a Pic 18F258. I want to upgrade to the 18F2680. The system as it is

has a 20 MHZ crystal and 20pf capacitors. I am using the PIC start plus programmer version made by OLIMEX and the

MPLABs IDE for programming. The problem is that when I program the 18f2680 chip for about the second or third time

the chip seems to get damaged. In that every time after that I try to program the chip all I get is a list of errors:

"Program Memory Errors


Address Good Bad


0000: EF6E EF2C

0002: F036 F030

0008: EF72 EF30

000A: F036 F030


Additional errors are not displayed." I tried erasing the the device first with no success. Does anyone have any Idea's as to

what may be happening. I can and do Program the 18f258 chip many time without issues what am I missing here?

Does anyone know what when I come to programming what's the difference between the 18F258 and the 18F2680?



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