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Pic18f520 Dead Band Delay For Pwm

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I've setup the PWM function on my pic to run two channels, which will be used to control the turning on of two igbts, but for some reason I can not get the Dead Band Delay to work. The PWM is working fine, but no matter what adjustments I make to my PWM1CON register no delay appears on the scope.


My code is below, any help would be great. Thanks


By the way I'm working with a 12Mhz clock.




banksel TRISC


movlw b'00000010'

movwf TRISC

movlw b'00010000'

movwf TRISD


banksel PR2

movlw b'01000000'

movwf PR2


banksel CCPR1L

movlw b'00011010'

movwf CCPR1L

movlw b'10001100'

movwf CCP1CON


banksel PWM1CON

movlw b'00001000' ;Bit 7 sets auto reset

movwf PWM1CON ;Bits 6:0 Dead Band Delay


banksel PIR1



banksel T2CON

movlw b'00000100' ; Sets up the timer w/ a 1/16 scaler

movwf T2CON ; Timer2 Register


banksel TRISC

clrf TRISC

clrf TRISD


banksel ECCP1AS


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