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Hitech To Boostc Code Converter


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We have a new experimental feature added to SourceBoost IDE starting from version 6.95. When a C file is added to a project via the workspace right click menu it is analysed by the ide and if this file looks like written for the HiTech compiler IDE tries to convert it to BoostC format. This won't make it 100% BoostC but still will do some routine work like updating system variable names for you (all changes will be logged in the IDE output window). Please post here (or email to support@sourceboost.com) your feedback about this feature.




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just read this posting after succesfully porting very simple

hi-techC example on my own..WITHOUT a converter

if i can ANYONE can!


after finding the great series of articles by Gooligum electronics,

Australia, including 'programming baseline PICs in C'


i had a stab at changing hi-tech source code to BoostC compatible code...


PDF lesson 1, exercise 4a (source code ' BC_L1-PB_LED-HTC.c ')


Changes to source code to port from hi-tech C to BoostC

for this example, are just these:-


1.change processor to 12F609

(12F509 isn't supported by boostC;unless there's a workround?)


2.change ' include <htc.h> ' to ' include <system.h> '


3.change all references to ' GPIO ' and ' TRISIO '

to lower case i.e.' gpio ' or ' trisio '


this is all that i did to compile the program successfully!

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