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Crystal Oscillator Setup

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I can't seem to get a 20MHz crystal oscillator to work with my PIC18F4685. I have to believe that it is a configuration issue. This is the current configuration:


#pragma DATA _CONFIG1H, _OSC_HS_1H




#pragma CLOCK_FREQ 20000000


When I program the u-controller and power it up it will work with or without the crystal hooked to it which tells me that it is defaulting to some internal oscillator. Perhaps there is some setting I am missing.





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Hi Matt,


If you don't specify config bits, SourceBoost tends to set them to '1'. Although you have only specified _OSC_HS_1H in CONFIG1H, you also have FCMEN bit set which enables the failsafe oscillator to kick in should the HS oscillator fail which is possibly what you are seeing.


Also make sure the extended instruction set is NOT enabled if you change CONFIG4L.





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