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Problem with UNARY operator

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There appears to be a problem with compiling a line of code with a UNARY operator in it. For example;



// LATCH_DATA function                                         //

// Causes the LE pin on the LMX2326 to toggle,          //

// latching data                                                     //

// written into DATA port into the internal LMX2326     //    

// registers                                                           //

//                                                                       //

// Entry: Nothing                                                   //

//                                                                       //





 char i = 0;


 gpio |= LE;         // set the bit, raising LE HIGH

 gpio &= !LE;       // bring LE low again, data is latched


The compiler will give an Error Message:

"Unexpected UNAR operation". If you comment out the last line, then it will compile with out errors. I believe this is a BUG. When can a fix be gotten for this?



Jerry Mulchin



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