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Please can anyone help with this problem?

I have a program which I have been modifying and which has now produced an error message:


Parameter buffer overflow


about 20 times, even for comment lines. ending with:


Fatal unexpected end of file


Obviously I have made a silly mistake, but since the first set of error messages are meaningless to me I don't really know where to start looking! I have looked carefully at every line and cannot see any semantic errors.

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction rather than post the whole source code here, although it's not very big.



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There are some cluey people on this forum but none to my knowledge possess ESP.


A print-out of your error message would help.


A print-out of your source code would help even more.


Without seeing the error message and code about all we can do is agree with you that yes you do have a problem.

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AlexR has *exactly* stated the essential requirements for assistance without divine intervention.


Edit: Pavel's reply while I was typing this is as close as you are going to get to divine intervention here! :-) /Edit


The only thing to add is the mistake in your code is probably somewhere *before* the first error message. The 'fatal unexpected end of file' indicates that you have failed to terminate some block level structure e.g. a function or control flow statement correctly. 'Parameter buffer overflow' would indicate something is getting too many parameters so look for mismatched brackets.


Did this program *ever* compile under BoostC? Do you have the last version that compiled and the first version that gave you the error? if so run a Diff utility . . .

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Thanks for the replies all of you, despite not having ESP!! After spending (wasting?) a further 20 mins scrutinising the code I decided the best way was to back-track and start over. Hey presto - problem solved, or at least eliminated. However, I'm still not sure what the error message means; perhaps the file had become corrupted in some way and hence was spurious?



Mike W

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I will just make a guess, one time i used set-bit instead of set_bit. it is now subtraction of undefined variables, as I remember the math processer just kept parsing looking for an end of expession thru the rest of the program and finally generated so sort of overflow. I am not saying you have the same problem, but it might be similar in some way. I sometimes have been moved to comment out more and more of a program untill it will compile and thus finally learn the location of the error. Tedious

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