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Loop bug with C++

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Probably related to this issue, it looks like the compiler sometimes forgets to insert proper symbol defination to the assembler file for local variables in the returning functions. For example, following line were missing:


_temp_Read                      equ 0x5e;1


Its still little unclear to me, why it doesn't insert that anymore. However, this is what I did before the problem:


1. I added one public variable to the class

2. I added a "if variable != 1" to one of my methods. The method (WaitUntilNotBusy) has a callback to another method with char returning (mehod Read).

3. lastly I added a callback to WaitUntilNotBusy in a third method (write_instruction)


It does seem to have no effect if the Read function is global or in the class.



The code is partially from the LCD example, in a class.

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