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Button block

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Plug-in engine doesn't do proper initialization for startup settings.


Steps to produce:


1. start simulator

2. open button block -plugin

3. configure the plugin for 2 state buttons and press down some of the bits

4. close the simulator

5. restart the simulator

6. run the simulator for a while

7. stop the simulator

8. check from register screen value of the port where buttons are. It should say pure zero, but the buttons you pressed are still pressed.

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I've just checked this using multi-meter plugin measuring the voltage applied to a port by the button block plugin.


Its apparent then that the button block output doesn't go positive until the button state is changed.


The problem lies within the button block pluging - not the sim.


Only a problem when the buttons are left latched down on entry to debugger/sim, just as you describe.


Good one B)

Will add to the jobs list.




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