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Adc.pic18.lib Missing?

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im trying to do some adc coding on a 18F2685 and am using C++.


I noticed that adc.pic18.lib is missing (all the other 16/18 pairs are there)

Is this an bug/omission or is it deliberate?


If it isn't a bug... any clues towards doing adc stuff on a 18F?





PS. sorry if this is in the wrong category...

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Hi Guy,


The library for PIC18 probably never existed. The manual only mentions PIC16.


Given the library only contains a single function it doesn't do much for you anyway. Using the library will not configure the ADC for the correct timings etc., it will not be of any use if you want to use the ADC with interrupts instead of your program twidling its thumbs waiting for conversion complete to occur.


Make a small test program for a PIC16, look at the generated assembler code and you have your adc_read() function.





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