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Number Of Array Exceed

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I've this problem.

i should make an array of integer of 1600 int as "static unsigned int buffer_sample[1600].having 3600 bytes of free RAM

RAM available:3936 bytes, used:335 bytes (8.6%), free:3601 bytes (91.4%), Heap size:3601 bytes, Heap max single alloc:127 bytesROM available:131072 bytes, used:4688 bytes (3.6%), free:126384 bytes (96.4%)


This message appear when I implement the array into the code with suggested "-idx 2" switch :

warning: unrecognized command line agrument '-idx', skippedsrtos.c
Starting preprocessor: "C:\Program Files\SourceBoost\pp.exe" E:\G26CPP\G26RTOS\ScanBoard\srtos.c -i "C:\Program Files\SourceBoost\include" -d _PIC18F8722 -la -c2 -o E:\G26CPP\G26RTOS\ScanBoard\srtos.pp -v -d _BOOSTC -d _BOOSTCPP -d _PIC18 -d _CHAR_INDEX 
E:\G26CPP\G26RTOS\ScanBoard\srtos.c(66): error: total number of array elements can not exceed 0x100 (use -idx 2 compiler command line argument to remove this restriction)srtos.c success


what is the switch "-idx 2", why not working?




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Version 7.0 is still in the making. Hope to see it by the end of the year.


Yes this is the plan. We will be releasing 6.97 and 7.0 pre-release by the end of this year. The main feature of 6.97 is added support for new Microchip PIC16F1x core. And 7.0 will have a bunch of other new features.




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