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I have 20 leds and I want them to twinkle at random using a 12F629.

My subroutine accepts an unsigned char between 1 & 20.

The program is fine, no errors and blinks a lot of patterns except my random part.

I have included rand...16...lib with no problems


rand() returns unsigned short so it is 16 bits? or 0 to 65535? or is it a fraction between 0 & 1 like the rest of my world?


I thought I could use unsigned char y = 20*rand() + 1; but it does not work.

I also tried unsigned char y = 20*rand()/65535; with all sorts of tries at parenthesis to deal with possible overflows and such.


All the info about rand in BoostC talks about the function not the results.

How can I use the rand() result to get an integer number from 1 to 20 and convert that to unsigned char?

I am guessing that division is always returning a zero somewhere. :unsure:


Any clues? Xmas is coming.

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How about


y = (rand() % 19) + 1;


rand returns a short (unsigned int).






Many most humble thankyous :unsure:

In a past life I used to teach introductory programming at university.

Oldtimer's disease must be setting in early; I'm not even 52 yet.


It works great with y = rand()%20+1;


Mod 20 gives 20 remainders and +1 shifts from 0-19 up to 1-20.


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