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OK I down loaded the free version wrote the code to flash a led and I see you can simulate this with a plugin led. I have configured the led but I can't find out how to start the simulator, to see the software led flash.
Once you have a program that compiles, press the bug symbol button on the tool bar to enter the debugger/simulator.




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I just paid and downloaded the extras..very new to this...

do I need to use includes for the plugins? when I debug..it just keeps running and the button and led that I dropped onto the code pane disapear? looked thru help and most of the forum..sorry to be so green thanks.



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Debug and edit mode keep different sets of plugins. When you are in debug mode is when you should select your desired plugins. When you go back to edit mode they will disappear so that you have more space to type.

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I loaded it here at work, used the plugins supplied and it works, I need to go back home and see what the scoop is, perhaps its pointing to a bad directory or something...no clue yet..maybe working directories all need to be reconfigured..I work out of several ones depending on what I am doing...



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