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logic analyzer plug-in kills picAnt

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I just installed and registered the additional plug-ins.  The LED blocks work as anticpated, but the logic analyzer does not.  Actually several things are happening:


With PicAnt running and my most recent workspace loaded - button block and logic analyzer appear close to where I left them previously - then:


1:  I click on the debug Icon

   Now logic analyzer is replaced with I2c EEprom -

2: Close the I2cEEprom

3: Restart the analyzer from the drop down menu

4: Undock the analyzer and re-size it

5: Click on Run icon

  Now Analyzer shows white "follow line" streak across display.

  Now display is frozen.  Trying to close any PicAnt window results in a "not responding" warning/error from Windows XP (professional) and results in entire program shutting down.


Code is fairly simple and follows





#include <system.h>
#include "tx.h"

// If this is the 16C84 then carry over some of the 12C508A variables from p12c508a.h
#ifdef _PIC16C84
// Registers
char osccal@0x0005;
char gpio@0x0006;

// STATUS Bits
#define         GPWUF           0x0007 
#define         PA0             0x0005     	 

// OPTION Bits
#define         NOT_GPWU        0x0007                                                                                         
#define         NOT_GPPU        0x0006 

// OSCCAL Bits	
#define         OSCFST          0x0003                                                                                         
#define         OSCSLW          0x0002   

// Configuration Bits	
#define         _MCLRE_ON       0x0FFF                                                                                         
#define         _MCLRE_OFF      0x0FEF                                                                                         
#define         _IntRC_OSC      0x0FFE

char pin = 0x1;

gpio = 0;  // Clear I/O

// Setup I/O mask
*	12c508a:
*  movlw 0x3E   ; load w with mask
*  tris gpio    ; put mask on I/O port
*	16c84:
*  movlw 0x3E  ; load w with mask
*  movwf trisb  ; put mask on I/O port

asm movlw 0x3e  ; //00111110
#ifdef _PIC16C84
 asm movwf TRISB ;
 asm tris GPIO   ;

while (1)
 gpio = pin;	
 pin = pin + 0x1;


Target is 16c84


- Christopher

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